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Ralph Nader Plans His Own 'Operation Chaos'

In 2008, Rush Limbaugh mounted “Operation Chaos” to get Republican voters to switch over and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries to keep Barack Obama from clinching the nomination too eary, and keep the strife alive. Now, dissatisfied “green” activist and perennial presidential candidate Ralph Nader is planning his own version of Operation Chaos to give Obama some guff in the the Democratic primaries next year.


Consumer advocate Ralph Nader, whose third-party presidential candidacy some Democrats credited with handing the 2000 election to George W. Bush, has a new model for challenging President Obama from the left in 2012.

Nader proposes to assemble a large group of Democratic candidates to take Obama to task on a variety of issues.

The press would ignore one lesser-known candidate, Nader told The Daily Caller, but an unorthodox “slate” of candidates would attract more attention.

Or, more likely, the press will lump them together as “Seven Dwarfs” or some such and use them to make Obama look credible by comparison. Or, ignore them.

“So you have to have several people of distinguished backgrounds — different distinguished backgrounds — run as a slate in various primaries so that he can’t ignore someone who has a military-foreign policy background, environmental background, poverty-labor background. See what I mean?” Nader explained.


I see what you mean. You picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

Multiple candidates would also be more powerful, he declared.

This plan makes little sense and stands almost no chance of working, but if it wastes some lefty money and stirs up primary trouble for President Obama, then I’m all for it. Go Ralph go!

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