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'I'm a Liberal, I Can Get Away With This Stuff'

So said Democrat strategist Bob Beckel Wednesday on Fox’s The Five.

Bob Beckel has gotten in trouble for saying things on The Five before but this was just hilarious. During a segment on Michael Vick, he called the dog fighters a bunch of “rednecks.” Even as the word left his mouth, he could tell he was going to get in trouble. So, during the next segment (on a story we know he’s not too interested in), he made a point to apologize, saying that, to him, “redneck” wasn’t a racial thing because “blacks are rednecks, whites are rednecks, I was a redneck, Chinamen are rednecks.” His stunned co-hosts then rushed to cut to commercial and, when the show returned, Beckel was forced to apologize again to the Chinese community!

“Chinamen?” Seriously?

Beckel seems to be acting as a running gag on what’s wrong with liberalism these days: He can’t keep his facts straight, ever, he admits to leading a life of serial extralegal behavior while advocating using government power to coerce others on how they should live, and he manages to be a human insult sound board popping off from one stupid comment to another. He does keep the show entertaining, I’ll give him that. Watching Greg Gutfeld toy with him makes the show worth watching by itself.

The one thing Beckel has managed to get right is the bit about being a liberal allows him to get away with stuff no conservative could possibly get away with. Imagine if any of the other panelists on The Five had said “Chinamen” (never mind the fact that that’s a term from another era, so none of them would). Every conservative on earth would end up having to weigh in and probably apologize for it. But Beckel being a liberal, means he can just half-heartedly apologize and move on to the next insult.