Republicans Banned from Labor Day Celebration?

Organizers of the Wausau, Wisconsin Labor Day parade have “made it clear some Republican lawmakers aren’t invited. The reason: not supporting workers’ collective bargaining rights back in February.”


They’re mad because Wisconsin’s Republican legislature and governor curtailed government union bargaining rights. But they ignore the fact that legislation addressed only public employee unions, not those in private enterprise. So the “not supporting workers’ collective bargaining rights” is an overstatement.

(Aside: Why do spineless Republican prostiticians avoid addressing this baseless allegation head-on, thereby strengthening the myth? The main talking point should be: Why should working taxpayers be forced to pay taxes for public employees, who turn around and use our taxes to lobby for more taxes via collective bargaining? They’re using our money to empower themselves to be more effective in getting more of our money!)

Organizers also ignored the fact that many registered Republicans are workers, too. And if it’s true that most non-workers vote Democrat, the insult is even more egregious.

Wausau Mayor Jim Tipple stated that such behavior won’t be tolerated, because the city pays for the insurance and provides other services for the event. Tipple noted:


The banning of a political party from participation at any event co-sponsored by the City is against public policy and not in the best interest of all the citizens of the City of Wausau. And therefore, we encourage the event organizer to invite all interested parties, or reimburse the city for other costs.

There’s another reason for this, perhaps hinted at in the “not in the best interest” phrase: the First Amendment right of assembly. Since the city government is involved in the event, if they ban Republicans, it would be an interesting court case, to say the least.


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