Biden: You Know, What We Really Need Is Another Government Stimulus

More government spending is, of course, the last thing we actually need.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Friday the U.S. economy needed more stimulus to get it moving, putting in a plug for government measures shortly before the White House unveils new proposals to boost job growth.


This is the second big signal we’ve gotten from the Obama administration on what his jobs program, outline, whatever, will look like. Obama’s calls to certain business leaders show that he’s considering tax hikes. Biden’s remarks show that he’s also considering more government spending.

They won’t dismantle the regulatory state, and Bernanke won’t bail them out with an interest rate cut. So being liberals, tax and spend is all they can come up with. Tax. Spend. Repeat. If we were to diagram the plan that Obama seems to be formulating, it would look like this.

1. Regulate massively

2. Tax job creators even more massively

3. Spend even more massively, despite the unpatriotic debt already incurred

4. ???

5. Prosperity and re-election! Also: oceans stop rising, lions lay down with lambs.

Question: If liberals like Biden and Obama really do think that government spending is the cure for what ails us, then are they rooting for hurricane Irene to whip ugly on the east coast this weekend?



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