Obama's Re-Elect Number Hits 37% in Florida

I really don’t know what the president and his genius team expected here. Kill manned space flight and you’ll get people in at least three states riled up: Texas, the People’s Republic of California, and Florida. Only one of those is a swing state, and when you add that Florida has trended GOP for a few years, and the fact that the Obama economy is in abysmal shape, you have the makings of a rout already. Throw in the fact that under Obama NASA has been reduced to crafting fiction about doing cool stuff rather than actually doing cool stuff (seriously, read the story at the link), and you get numbers like these latest ones from Magellan.


So, he’s pretty much losing everybody he needs to keep his job, which makes sense because he has either disappointed or actively harmed everybody he needs to keep his job. The Magellan poll also did some head-to-heads and found that Obama loses easily to both Romney and Perry. The Democrats are terrified of both, which is why they keep talking up the global warming baloney huckstering Huntsman.

(h/t Hot Air)


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