Eric Holder Sides With Grizzlies as Well as Black Panthers

Pajamas Media has been exposing the radical hiring policies of attorneys in the powerful Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department. So far the ongoing series has focused on the backgrounds of the ideological and partisan attorneys hired since Eric Holder became Attorney General.  For a moment, consider the damage that alumni of this unmoored government agency can do after they leave.


Today, the predicament of Jeremy M. Hill of Idaho has gained a great deal of attention.  Hill’s children, ages 10 months to 14 years, were home when three grizzly bears came onto the property.  Hill shot one of the bears in self defense, according to his attorney and his father.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department has filed criminal charges against Hill for killing the bear, a federally protected species of animal.  He faces a year in prison and a $50,000 fine.  The United States Attorney in Idaho, Wendy J. Olson, is an alumni of the very same DOJ Civil Rights Division PJM has been profiling.   Had Olson been hired recently, no doubt her prior work for an that advocates strongly for the so-called Fairness Doctrine and other government controls over speech would have been featured at PJM.  Former high ranking DOJ officials tell me there is no chance Olson didn’t sign off personally on the charges against Hill. 

The outrage in Idaho is off the charts.  The courtroom overflowed with supporters.  Members of the Idaho Boundary County Commission said in a statement Hill had “not only the right, but the obligation to protect his children and his family.”  Hill could have just buried the bear, but instead called law enforcement to report the matter.


On one hand, maybe Hill was just out for bear and was looking for a thrill kill.  More likely, this is a case of common sense and justice being tossed aside in the interest of an animal.  What can be done?  The impeachment clause (Art. 2, Section 4) applies to U.S. Attorney Olson but only for high crimes and misdemeanors.  President Obama or Eric Holder could order Olson back to Earth, and dismiss the charges.

Or, more likely in this ideological administration (including Enviro-animal activism), the voters will have to punish the President.  Democrats think Montana is up for grabs next November. Good luck.  Montana, like Idaho, has problems with grizzlies destroying livestock and menacing human life.  Maybe in 2012, the GOP nominee can campaign across Montana with Jeremy Hill, presuming Wendy Olson hasn’t put him in a federal prison for a year.


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