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And Introducing David Axelrod as Flounder

I’m watching This Week as a part of my contractual requirements at PJTV* and I’m seeing something I’ve never seen before: David Axelrod floundering. And it’s not like Jake Tapper is giving him the third degree. Really, the questions are so gentle it’s like trying to grill a beached whale with a single Strike Anywhere match.

But Tapper did bring up — ever-so-gently — Congresswoman Maxine Waters and her speech last week expressing so much disappointment with President Obama. Poor Axelrod [/worldsmallestviolin] was left sputtering something about some rural roads improvement program, which is probably not too high on the list of concerns of Waters’ urban Los Angeles District. Axelrod even used the verboten “S” word in his nonsensical answer. Can you remember the last time an Administration official said “stimulus” on a major news program?

It’s quite a comedown for Washington’s premiere spinmeister. He spent the rest of the segment doing what he always does so expertly: Setting the narrative and repeating the catchphrases of the day. But at the mere mention of Obama’s troubles with his base — and it all came sputtering apart.

If this is a preview for how the Administration will perform under the pressure of next year’s election, we’re gonna need a bigger popcorn popper.

*Next time, I will hire an agent. And keep him sober.