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Are we ready for the Apple Standard?

The market may be crashing but there’s one place left, beyond even gold, where you can park your money. Forget China. Forget Japan. Forget Europe. According to Appleinsider: With a sharp selloff pummeling share prices throughout European banking sector this week, Apple’s valuation is now strikingly equal to all 32 of the biggest euro zone banks combined.


But wait, there’s more:

For Apple, the accolade is just the latest in a growing string of financial related achievements. In addition to its back-and-forth battle with Exxon Mobile for the title of the most valuable company in the world, it was disclosed last month the the iPad maker’s $76B in cash reserves recently surpassed the US government’s own operating balance.

Well, there it is – a solution that would finally rid us of all those tedious Ron Paulbots and their gold standard. What’s gold worth anyway? It’s just a shiny metal that doesn’t do anything. You can’t even iChat on it.

Are you ready for the Apple Standard?

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