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A History of Obama's Focus on Jobs

Via Jake Tapper, who quotes a Republican official:

  1. President-elect Barack Obama to deliver major speech on the economy on Thursday (, January 8, 2009)
  2. President Barack Obama to Give Major Speech on the Economy at Georgetown University (, April 13, 2009)
  3. Obama to give major speech about economy on Monday (AFP, November 9, 2009)
  4. Obama To Promote New Job Ideas During Tuesday Speech (AP, December 5, 2009)
  5. Obama preparing new push to add jobs, tackle deficit (WaPo, December 8, 2009)
  6. In key speech Obama pledges to create jobs (AP, January 27, 2010)
  7. Obama to tout job-creating efforts in Ohio speech (AP, January 5, 2010)