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The Visceral Terror of a Tea Party Presidency: 10 Thoughts on the Coming Political Warfare of 2012

A few thoughts of reflection after considering PJM‘s coverage of Rick Perry’s announcement of his candidacy:

1. Conservatives fear leftist government because they know the policies do not work and the country will suffer as a result.

2. Leftists fear conservative government because deep down they are afraid the policies will work and the country will prosper as a result and more people will abandon the progressive faith and they will no longer be able to live with the comforting delusion that they are superior to everyone around them.

3. The Left is permanently incapable of self-reflection. It cannot reverse its centuries-long cosmic quest for the Open Society based on Social Justice; but rather only shift its tactics when necessary.

4. Hence the only considered option when confronted with failure is to double down like an obsessive gambler, laying his family’s and our nation’s prosperity on the blackjack table. “The programs didn’t work to revive the economy/make health care cheaper because we didn’t ‘invest’ enough money!”

5. Because of this an equally forceful stance is the proper response. Andrew Klavan highlights the line that electrified conservatives from Perry’s speech: “I’ll work every day to make Washington, D.C. as inconsequential in your life as I can.”

6. Whether Rick Perry is the real deal and can walk his Tea Party talk remains an open question. Conservatives are in an unusual position: a primary field with several promising contenders who actually have to compete for our support. This is not a primary where we have to “settle.”

7. In one sense the primary is a test run for the presidential campaign. Questions that are not considered enough during these times: Is this person competent enough to win a political/media/propaganda war with the Soros Left? Do they have the psychological and spiritual strength to withstand what awaits them during the general election?

8. The Terror of a Tea Party Presidency will inspire leftist political warfare with a malice unseen since the Killian documents scandal. The anxiety produced by the unraveling of Obamacare will only intensify the visceral nature of what the 2012 Republican nominee will have to endure.

9. What will the GOP ticket have to contend with? They’ve seen the new lows in the past few years’ propaganda war against Sarah Palin. This is a Left that has grown so Stalinized in its accepted tactics that it targets politicians’ children, accuses mothers of not giving birth to their sons, and openly airs its violent, sexual fantasies about conservative women. The goal is to obliterate a person (and by extension the ideas they represent) and replace them with a clown for leftists to give to the apolitical masses so they can feel superior to someone. It’s very important in the psychology of the barely-political, Daily Show, so-called liberal to be able to know that they are smart (as they work a typical middle class job like the rest of us) but successful people like Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, and Glenn Beck are actually stupid. Smearing people with as much garbage as possible is necessary for this to be able to happen.

10. A big component in the recent mainstreaming of the Left’s Stalinist political tactics has been the rise of New Media. Blogs have been the fuel that have powered some of the ugliest of smears that we’ve seen. Because of that we can remember the importance of fighting back. What is published online matters and it can change the course of campaigns. We’ve seen all too often how politicians on both sides have been undone simply because their twitter stream was monitored carefully (Anthony Weiner) or they were caught on video saying something stupid (George Allen). Today it is easier than ever for concerned citizens to put their political principles and love of this nation into action. No matter how effective the candidates are, victory in 2012 will come the same as victory in 2010: with a full-throated engagement from Tea Party conservatives at both the real life grassroots and digital netroots levels.