Presenting the All American, Red Meat, Alpha Male, Republican Fantasy Ticket

It’s only fantasy at this point, but imagine if in 2012, Governor Rick Perry won the GOP presidential nomination and then selected retired General, and current CIA Director David Petraeus as his running mate?


A Perry/Petraeus ticket would present a kick-butt, no wimps allowed, “We are taking our nation back,” kind of signal.

With all the talk in recent years how American men have gone soft, over-powered by all that “girl power,” a Perry/Petraeus pairing might just be what our country needs to lift us out of our national funk and help maintain world domination.

Here you have the nation’s longest serving governor of our second largest state, joined with our greatest modern general, now wearing civilian clothes but still fighting all the bad guys from an undisclosed location.  Some might consider this a perfect combination of domestic and foreign policy experience, and they even look like they came right out of central casting.

Could this be the “all guts and glory” John Wayne ticket vs. the guy who only dares to sneak a burger when his wife is not around — paired with his old funny side-kick?

Which combination would make our enemies more nervous? Which ticket would give corporations, large and small the confidence to start hiring again?

Like I said, it’s only fantasy.




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