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Video: Felonious Munk Rants at Obama to 'Pay Your %$^#**& Bills!'

Consider this the urban rapper’s version of Rick Santelli’s famous February 2009 rant that started the Tea Party. The theme is essentially the same, though they come from entirely different directions. Santelli ranted from the point of view of industrial leaders worried that the government was going to spend America into bankruptcy. Munk rants from the point of view of a black man disappointed in the lack of leadership shown by the first black president, who is spending America into bankruptcy. That Santelli and Munk essentially agree —  that Barack Obama is a lousy president who had led to national catastrophe — says quite a lot.

Even though this version is edited and some of the language has been silenced, it’s still not really safe for work or to be played around the kids. It’s rough and raw but it’s hard to argue with. So, strong content warning firmly applied, press play…

The scream of rage at the end: That’s pretty much the feeling I get three or four days a week, blogging about all this stuff going on.

(h/t Ace)