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Did Barney Frank Play 'Pull My Finger' On MSNBC Last Night?

Is that sound a few seconds into the following clip a Massachusetts Mating Call? A Beantown Blast? A Rip from the Hip? A Cloud from the Loud? Did it emanate from the man in the chair, or just the chair? You make the call.

The reliably odd Gawker seems to have been the first to notice this (link goes to Hot Air):

Since our economy is going to hell in a handbasket, why not distract yourself from the economic doom that is now upon us with this clip of Rep. Barney Frank letting out what sounded like a giant fart tonight while chatting with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC? As you’ll see, his hips most definitely don’t lie.

True, the hips don’t lie and there is a discernible shift in Frank’s posture, along with a change of expression, that accompanies the sound. I say, guilty! So two things will now happen: Media Bladders will run to his defense, and he’ll apply for and get some sort of ObamaCare waiver.

What also accompanies Barney Frank is the sound of disaster. Barney Frank may be the second most destructive man in America (with Obama earning top honors). Frank authored a little-known amendment that made it harder to keep terrorists out of the United States, prior to 9-11. Frank defended lax lending practices forced on banks in the name of social justice, and then defended Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from scrutiny that might have caught and prevented the housing collapse. He has defended ACORN, and just this week was out arguing that we’ve been downgraded because we spend too much on the military (when entitlements dwarf military spending and have us on the path to unsustainability). Frank at least ranks with Jamie Gorelick in being at or near the center of America’s disasters of the past decade.

The man is more than a rude partisan gasbag, he’s an outright menace.

And, yeah, you probably don’t want to sit too close to him.