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Helping the Children Left Behind After the Afghan Tragedy

I had the honor of watching a presentation by Col. John T. Carney at David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend in 2010.  Carney’s Special Operations Warrior Foundation plays a central role in the lives of children who lose a parent serving in the special operations forces, like the many Navy Seals killed over the weekend in Afghanistan.  Col. Carney’s organization ensures that every single child of a killed special ops warrior can go to college.  That’s right, every single child.  Better yet, the foundation gets actively involved in the lives of children who lost a parent before they are in college.  With the tragic events this weekend, the task falling on the SOWF is acute.  Since 1980, 744 special operation forces have died.  163 children of these warriors graduated from the SOWF program and gone to college. If you have time today, watch the video linked above of Col. Carney and his mission.