The Downgrade is the fault of ObamaCare - Fighting the Leftist Narrative

(As the left begins to spin out-of-control yarns about how the recent S&P downgrade is the fault of Republicans and, as always, former President George Bush, I thought we should start a dialogue about simple ways to refute the nonsense claims of the Progressives, and focus the reality – President Obama’s spending is America’s biggest problem.  Here is one….add your own in the comments.)


If ObamaCare had never had passed (i.e., been forced down the throats of Americans) that would be $2 trillion less in unfunded mandates put around the neck of the American economy.

Without ObamaCare, it would have been much easier to achieve cuts in the recent debt limit deal to satisfy the credit ratings agencies.  The deal, to Standard and Poors, was not credible.  Coincidentally, neither is Obamacare.

ObamaCare ruins everything it touches.  First doctors, then patients, now the credit rating of the United States.  Next?  President Obama’s re-election chances.



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