I Don't Want to Get Off on a Rant Here ...

But I’m sick of the idiots who have all the money they need thinking some sort of nobility attaches to being dirt poor.

Speaking as someone who is dirt poor there’s not one damn thing noble about having to humiliate yourself several times a month by calling people you owe money and saying “can I get an extension to such and such date until I get paid?”


Not one of those idiots has ever looked at their hungry kids, looked in the pantry, and then tried to figure out how to feed five people on one chicken breast, a can of soup and some instant potatoes. (Yeah, I did that, and it was pretty good, did I mention I can cook?)

Being dirt-poor sucks. You have no choices, you have no options, you have little in the way of hope and it leaves you wondering about the relative merits of continued existence versus kissing a shotgun barrel. Are things quite that bad for me these days? No. But I’m still so broke that my paycheck is gone a few days after I get it. I hear all this crap about government handouts and how we have to help the poor. It sends me around the bend. I AM one of the “working poor.” I don’t want a handout. I want you idiots to get out of my way. I see things like self publishing and authors finally finding ways to get their stuff out there while dodging the bureaucracy of the agents and publishers and I see a parallel between that and what’s being done to every other small business out there by the government.


As I write this the Dow is tanking for the second straight day, employment is still over 9 percent and all the “relevant experts” seem to be able to do is scratch their collective arses and shrug and continue to jam our collective reproductive organs into the meat grinder of Keynesian “stimulus” which didn’t work in the 1930s, isn’t working now, and never could have worked in the first place.

Get out of our way. Let us work. We don’t need your help.

If government would just get out of our freaking way we could get this economy back on track in a year or less.

But that’s just me, I could be wrong…


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