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Not Content with Messing with Texas, Obama's EPA Invades North Dakota (Updated)

The Obama EPA is simply out of control.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency will seek to take partial control of North Dakota’s air quality program next month.

The EPA will file a notice in the Federal Register on Aug. 18 that it, not the state Health Department, will decide how Minnkota Power Cooperative and Basin Electric Power Cooperative will reduce nitrous oxide emissions in Coal Country power plants.

Minnkota’s plant is the Milton R. Young Station in Center and Basin’s is the Leland Olds Station at Center.

It will be the first time in regulatory history that the EPA takes over the state’s authority to manage a federal program, in this instance federal regional haze rules specifically for the two power plants.

Monica Morales, head of the EPA Region 8 air quality unit, said the register notice will kick off a 60-day public comment period and the agency has a February deadline to sign a final action.

The EPA has been pushing a similar move in Texas over the past 18 months or so, despite the fact that Texas’ clean air program works. These moves aren’t really about clean air, though. They’re about power. And like Texas, they’re strikes on states whose economies are actually creating jobs.

Stories hit the net yesterday, accurate in my view, that Obama and his economic team have simply run out of ideas on how to deal with the economy. Everything he said in his debt deal remarks either called for keeping current tax breaks etc in place or for more government spending. There was nothing to indicate that Obama has learned anything on the job that would displace what he brought to the job.

So maybe it’s not so much that Obama has run out of ideas. It’s just that all of his ideas are bad ones.

Here’s a thought — how about stopping these tyrannical bureaucrats from stomping all over the economy? Right — that would violate Obama’s plan.

Update: “The stimulus giveth the taxpayer money to create jobs; the regulations taketh away the financial feasibility.

(h/t Chamber Post)