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Justice Department Sets a Marxist Terrorist Free

I have a piece at the Bigs about violent Marxist terrorist Marilyn Buck and her friends who wrote letters to the Justice Department seeking her release.  The Holder Justice Department eventually obliged in July 2010.  The Daily Caller covered the details of Buck’s parole already.  My piece today is instead about the people willing to write letters supporting a murderer, the people with an ideological allegiance to Buck.

Of course the cash for coverage hacks miss the point.  It is about rotted apologists who would put their signature on the bottom of letter calling a terrorist murderer a “role model.”   So who are these people that supported the release of a murderer by praising her as an inspiration and role model?  Teachers, elected officials and professors at American universities did, writing letters calling for the DOJ to release the Marxist radical, including staff at Harvard Law School.  The Holder Justice Department released Buck, not the Bush administration.  Indeed the Bush administration denied Buck parole.  Buck died shortly after being released from prison.  Plenty of people die in prison and nobody has a right to release because they have a terminal illness (unless they happen to be a Libyan bomber).    Fueled by a murderous left wing ideology, she bombed and participated in conspiracies that took multiple human lives.  Anybody who holds such people up as role models deserve scrutiny and scorn.   You can read the letters (linked at the story) and see the letterhead of public high schools, city councils, universities and Harvard Law praising Buck.