FAA Shutdown: Harry Reid Gets His Aggressive Government Bureaucracies Confused

It’s understandable, to some extent. There are so many government bureaucracies vying to wreck the American economy, it can be hard to sort them all out.

An AP story reports that the “Senate continues to object to legislation approved by the House to fully fund the FAA. The bill includes cuts to certain subsidies for rural air service.”

But Reid says the problem actually lies with one airline: Delta.

“The House has tried to make this a battle over essential air service,” he says. “It’s not a battle over essential air service. It’s a battle over Delta Airlines, who refuses to allow votes under the new rules that have been passed by the NLRB [National Labor Relations Board].”


Actually, Sen. Reid, the National Labor Relations Board isn’t in this particular Big Labor power grab. They’re still busy hounding Boeing in South Carolina to overturn state right-to-work laws. The bureaucracy you’re looking for in the FAA shutdown, which seems to be aimed at forcing Delta to unionize by whatever means end up being necessary, is the National Mediation Board.

I know, six of one, half dozen the other, both the NMB and the NLRB are bailing out Big Labor in their own special way.

But — if even the Senate Majority Leader can’t keep his voracious government hellhounds straight, how is the average American supposed to?


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