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Liberals Back Down from the 'Tea Party as Terrorists' Talking Point

Last week in a radio debate, a liberal Democrat used the “Tea Party as terrorists” talking point on me. I challenged him on it, and he backed down. Here’s the audio if you have a few minutes to waste.  The “terrorist” talk is in the first couple of minutes of the segment.

Today on Fox’s The Five, Bob Beckel apologized for using the same “Tea Party as terrorists” talking point several times on shows last week as the debt ceiling debate was in full swing. He said it was inappropriate and apologized.

The vice president either used the “Tea Party as terrorists” talking point or he agreed with it, in a meeting with Congressional Democrats. He has since backed away from it.

And now the president’s spokesboy, Jay Carney, has inveighed against using the “Tea Party as terrorists” talking point. But he only rejected that talking point in answering a reporter’s direct question about it. Neither he nor the president stepped out to condemn the talking point when it may have done some good. When Democrats thought it was useful and wouldn’t be challenged, they all happened to push the same talking point.

Damage done, folks. You called us “terrorists” when you thought you could get away with it, and when you thought it gave you some advantage. We won’t forget it.

And we won’t forget how you all sold out your own talking point en masse once it became inconvenient. Liberals just don’t believe the words coming from their own mouths anymore. Everything they say is about advantage, not about principle. They tried running Alisky Rule 13 against the Tea Party, and it failed. Why should anyone else believe a single word liberals say?