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Let's Play the CNN Game!

Who says being a news junkie isn’t fun?

Whenever news breaks that could be detrimental or damaging to the Left, my first instinct is to visit

No, it’s not to check out the site’s splashy design. I’m curious how long it will ignore or spin the material in question. Case in point: Vice President Joe Biden calls Tea Party members “terrorists.” Now, had Vice President Dick “Lord Voldemort” Cheney uttered those words about members, I bet the story would be above the cyber-fold.

But a quick glance at Monday evening shows no sign of the slur. Yes, it’s possible the words “Biden” and “Terrorist” might be buried within a larger news item, but that only emphasizes my point. That superfast Internet news cycle sure gets slow when the subject in question paints the Left in an ugly hue.