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DOJ lawyers hostile to protecting white voters in Mississippi

The Holder Justice Department likes to pretend that it is willing to protect white voters in places like Noxubee County, Mississippi, where the voters have been discriminated against. I wrote about the history in Noxubee in many Pajamas Media pieces.  Today, DOJ attorneys are monitoring elections throughout Mississippi, including Noxubee County.

I have learned from people inside Noxubee County the identities of the Voting Section staffers sent to Noxubee.   It seems that the only people willing to protect white voters in Noxubee and participate in election coverage are attorney and staff hires from the Bush Justice Department.  In other words, conservatives.  Indeed, the DOJ team in Noxubee even includes one attorney from the Housing Section because all other DOJ Voting Section lawyers are adverse to going to Noxubee Mississippi to protect white voters.  The Housing Section lawyer is also a Bush administration hire and viewed as a fair minded lawyer who is willing to enforce the law with race-neutrality.  Other DOJ sources tell me nobody was willing to volunteer for coverage in Noxubee, so only conservatives hired during the Bush years were assigned and a conservative attorney from the Housing section was plucked to round out the team.  Christopher Coates testified at length about the hostility of liberal lawyers at DOJ to participate in election coverage to protect white voters in Noxubee.

Yet on cue, mouthpieces for the Government have rushed to defend the Government. Stay tuned to Pajamas for details this week about the attorneys who refuse to protect white voters.

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