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Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich contest

Well, it looks like we’ve just entered the Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich era — better known as the post-Debt-Deal Age.

The more entertaining title derives from the instant-classic metaphor concocted earlier today by Emanuel Cleaver, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, who described today’s debt compromise as a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich,” by which I assume he meant he planned to vote against it — unless Satan meat is a new food trend I somehow managed to miss.

Anyway, on the infallible principle that there already exists somewhere on the Internet a picture of anything and everything, I did a Google Image Search for “Satan Sandwich” and just as I suspected — yes, Virginia, there is a picture of a Satan sandwich:

But that’s not quite what I had envisioned, to be perfectly frank. I want to see Satan himself in a sandwich, and it’s got to be sugar-coated. I thought about trying to create such an image myself, but alas my Photoshop skills are few and far between, and my artistic skills are non-existent.

So I thought: Let the people speak!

What is your vision of this new sugar-coated Satan sandwich we’re all stuck with? Create your own image, either with Photoshop, a set of felt pens, or even a camera snapping a picture of a real Satan sandwich of your creation, and then submit it to the Tatler. The image can either contain allegorical political references, or just be a straight Satan sandwich with no trimmings.

All* entries will be displayed here.

(* = subject to the whims of my Satanic opinion.)

There’s no way to upload images directly in the comments section, so either post them online yourself somewhere and then post the link in the comments section — or email the link or the full image itself to the address found on this page, and I’ll be sure to get it; either way, I’ll add any new images as updates here.


And no, a sweet seitan sandwich doesn’t count. Economics is no joking matter.


Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich #1 comes from reader Paul Mitchell:

Very tasty-looking! That powdered sugar helps to neutralize the Satan flavor.

Our next sandwich was served up by the “2 Political Junkies” blog:

This is more accurate than you might realize at first: remember that Spam is technically “deviled ham.”

And here’s a new video of Emanuel Cleaver himself, wordsmith extraordinaire, reaffirming his condemnation of the deal as a Satan sandwich:

The People’s Cube has just updated their menu with several “motivational poster”-style pictures of metaphorical “Satan sandwiches” — such as Harry Reid sandwiched between Obama and Pelosi — but also included this picture of Obama enjoying an authentic Satan Sandwich:

Reader Maya L. just whipped up a South Park Satan-and-Saddam sandwich: