The PJ Tatler

Democrats, Naked

Throughout the day, the most profound element of the debt ceiling slapfight became evident to most, a nagging truth that most of America realized but hadn’t yet addressed with all the play-by-play stealing the dialogue. But it’s there now, with another bill passed and another bill tabled by Senate Dems, and the ruling class Republicans vs. the conservatives is the least interesting narrative. Rather than being the drama of the day, it’s hardly worth a mention.

The Dems have no cards left to play, and not just for this hand. The Dems just have no cards left, and I’m not even sure they know why they sat at the table. What was the best possible outcome for them? A raised debt ceiling, and another tax increase, followed by another week of horrible economic data? The game really is over, the world understands its over, and I think the Dems do as well. They played the “let’s see if the Republicans fold” card, because, well … they were already at the Capitol building. But I don’t see any heart left. Reid may still be scrapping, but I don’t see any heart left.