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New Miracle Drug from Washington: Spenditol!

In the midst of the tense political warfare being waged by all sides in Washington there is a refreshing new video poking fun at the way D.C. spends money. Released by Concerned Women for America, this video touts a new miracle drug that can wipe away all our problems: Spenditol.

It’s a entertaining take off of those ubiquitous pharmaceutical TV ads touting results and side effect. With the voice of a soothing, upbeat mom, it’s clear Spenditol is absolutely the wrong medicine.

A few excerpts of the 60 second ad:

“I was in chronic pain and my family struggling to make ends meet.  Food and gas prices going up, even keeping my job was iffy.

“Then I learned about a new miracle drug made in Washington, DC: Spenditol.

“Spenidtol is Wshington’s answer to all the problems American face.”

A male  voice intones the possible side effects: “Spenditol is not for everyone. Side effects may include a mountain of government piled on our kids….higher prices for everything, leaving our kids a lesser American than we had. Ask your doctor or congressman if your conscience is strong enough for Spenditol”

Mom, thrilled with the results concludes, with children playing in the background:

“Spenditol: makes you feel better now, and pushes the really bad stuff to later, for them to deal with.”