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Harry Reid: Tea Partiers Not Real Americans

The Senator who keeps pushing the DREAM Act to de facto legalize millions of illegal aliens tweeted today that Tea Partiers aren’t real Americans:

Boehner’s plan is not a compromise. It was written for the tea party, not the American people. Ds will not vote for it.


Classy. Do they stink too, Harry?

If “Ds will not vote for it,” where’s the compromise on their side?

The Democrats and the left are trying to do two things in the debt ceiling debate. One is to bake in their spending spree of the past three years as the new normal, despite the fact that it’s unsustainable. Another involves a strategic strike on the Tea Party to hurt the GOP. At least part of the Democrats’ strategy in the debt ceiling debate is about slicing the Tea Party away from the GOP to either demoralize it heading into the 2012 elections, or cause it to mount third party runs against Republicans. That’s what this sort of rhetoric is about.

That, plus the likes of Reid just doesn’t accept that anything to his political right holds any legitimacy at all.

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