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Unbelievable: Obama White House Stubbornly Refusing to Release Any Written Debt Plan (Update: Video Added)

The Obama White House is so irresponsible, and so fearful of locking itself into anything at all, that it’s refusing to even put a debt plan on paper. Rory Cooper tweeted this from today’s WH press briefing:

Chuck Todd: “Release your plan” Jay Carney: “We’ve shown a lot of leg” Todd: “Why not just release it?” Carney: “You need it written down?”

Yes, Jay, the American people elected your boss in the hope that he might occasionally do his job. Show his work. Demonstrate a little competence once in a while. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently it is. As we blogged yesterday, Obama’s bizarre reticence to lead is as much a headache for his own party as it is for the GOP. Maybe more, since Reid et al just can’t come out and blast him the way they would a Republican president. So Congress sidelined him over the weekend, but as long as he’s the president he can’t really be sidelined: He has to sign something.

And agitate against whatever is heading for his desk before he signs it, of course.

Update: Here’s video of Carney getting grilled over his boss’ lack of a plan. The reporters’ collective groan reacting to Carney is priceless.

Update: So the WH won’t come up with a plan, but is threatening to veto the latest from Boehner. Obama owns this crisis from stem to stern.