Special Agent Canino, ATF Attaché to Mexico, Decries Gunwalker

From House Oversight on Fast and Furious:

Special Agent Canino, acting ATF attaché to Mexico, stated: “At no time, ever, did I know of ATF following known gun traffickers.” I had no clue we were allowing guys to act like this. Further quotes from Canino:


We have classes, I’ve been to them. It’s like building a house. You start with a foundation and you build.” Canino said you’re supposed to work a ways and then have a meeting to see how it’s working, then adjust, use the entire “toolbox” available to law enforcement.

I was so disgusted, I didn’t want to look at the case file anymore. It goes against everything we’re taught. From the day you walk into academy until the day you leave.”

This is a trafficking case, this is what we do. It’s not special.

ATF Special Agent Newell knows Kevin O’Reilly, national security staff at White House. Never had “one specific conversation” on Gunwalker. “I might have talked to him about it” summer or early fall 2010.

McMahon, ATF Deputy Assistant Director for Field Operations (West, including Phoenix and Mexico), communicated up the chain at ATF. He says “no one was aware guns were walking.”

They claimed they told Canino about Gunwalker at the start. Currently, Canino appears more credible, because the same agents admitted they didn’t give prior warning to Mexican authorities.


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