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6% Job Approval for Congress: New Low


Imagine that you work for a large firm.  The managers get together once every four months to assess how the employees are doing.  There’s one who has 6% support among the managers: 94% think the employee is not doing the job for which he is being paid.  How long does that employee get to keep his job?  Not long.

According to today’s Rasmussen Report six per cent of Likely Voters give Congress two thumbs up:

The partisan divide on this question helps explain the ongoing legislative gridlock in Washington, D.C. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Democrats and 56% of unaffiliated voters feel it’s more important for Congress to pass good laws. Most Republicans (52%) see stopping bad legislation as the priority.

Voters over 40 are less satisfied than younger ones. And “higher-income voters express more displeasure with Congress than those who earn less. Union members give Congress lower marks for job performance than those who are not members.”

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