Obama Debt Talk - First Thoughts

After watching the most recent speech from President Obama on the debt and deficit, I can honestly say that there is no depth to which he won’t sink. It is stunning to see the president talk about compromise, when the Administration has yet to put forth its own plan. Stunning when you realize that the Senate, under Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) would not allow Cut, Cap and Balance to have an up or down vote. Stunning when he calls on Americans to call the Senate and House members to demand compromise, but walks out on those same negotiations.


This didn’t seem like a president who was effective. It looked like a panic-stricken leader who was now hoping the like-minded ideologues across America can place enough pressure on Washington to enact non-sensical tax increases. It seems obvious, based on the president’s words, that he is incapable of moving the nation forward based on his “rigid” ideology.

The president was elected to make hard decisions, yet he is unwilling to make any decision. He is supposed to be a great speaker, but has proven he is a horrible listener. And now, he has gone from speaking to begging….begging America to do what he wants, rather than accepting the idea of “compromise” himself.

If the left honestly thinks that he is not worried about re-election. Think again.


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