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What Motivated Anders Behring Brievik?

At the prompting of reader “Mina,” I used Bing translator to see what alleged mass murderer Anders Behring Brievik had to say. It may cast doubt on allegations of “right-wing extremism” as his motive. Mostly, he discusses multiculturalism. Examples:

Brievik refers to Hans Rustad, who, on May 11, 2008, praised Obama’s speech in Chicago. The translation is spotty in areas, but Brievik’s posted response (timestamp 2010-02-02 13:35:11) seems to be praising Obama’s public speaking skills.

The Telegraph, which has never been accused of fomenting or supporting terrorism, agrees on this point.

Brievik also seems to be differentiating between American and European approached to multiculturalism, apparently stating that right-leaning(?) Republicans are anti-socialist but pro-multiculturalism, which reflects our tradition of support for legal immigration.

Brievik rails against the Labor and Socialist Left parties for allegedly financing “Norway’s own violent ‘Marxist/Islamist Jugend’ (red youth, SOS Racisme, Blitz, in collaboration with Jihad young) who has injured and terrorized hundreds of cultural conservatives in recent years in Oslo…” (timestamp 2009-11-02 01:05:02)

“Mina” hypothesizes he may have “gradually lost control of reality…A crazy gunman/bomber that wanted to set his world straight.”

If you are fluent in Norwegian, or more skilled at web-based translations, please feel free to enter amplifications or corrections. But please, for the sake of providing accurate information, please provide links.