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Senate Votes Down Legislation Popular with Majority of Americans

That legislation is the Cut, Cap and Balance plan, which was passed by the House on a bipartisan vote this week. A CNN poll shows that Americans favor CCB by about 2 to 1. To paraphrase the president, the public seems to be sold on that plan. But Sen. Harry Reid, having declared that CCB is among the most awful legislation ever proposed in American history, led a partisan Senate majority in voting the bill down, 51-46. And then, the Senate left town. The Democrat-led Senate has no plan and will not work through the weekend.

Sen. Jim DeMint, meanwhile, is promising to bring Cut, Cap and Balance back up for another vote.

Bonus: Rep. Steny Hoyer gives the game away on why Democrats really oppose the balance part of Cut, Cap and Balance: It would make it “virtually impossible” for them to raise taxes.