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Gun Control Makes Us Safer…NOT!!!

The New York Times reported that agricultural theft is on the rise in California.

While other states have their own agricultural intrigue — cattle rustlers in Texas, tomato takers in Florida — few areas can claim a wider variety of farm felons than California, where ambushes on everything from almonds to beehives have been reported in recent years. Then there is the hardware: diesel fuel, tools and truck batteries regularly disappear in the Central Valley…

Not only is produce at risk, but copper thieves are stealing air conditioning coils, copper wiring, and iron off farms, selling it to metal recyclers.

Not even insects are immune. In Madera County, about 130 miles east of San Francisco, officials saw a rash of bee burglaries this year, as a shortage of able-bodied pollinators drove up the price.

NYT believes the problem is budget cuts reducing sheriffs’ patrols. Nevertheless, NYT recommends a law enforcement solution, finding one farmer who expressed relief that he didn’t shoot anybody while guarding his ranch.

According to the Brady Campaign, there’s no problem, because:

The Brady Campaign is devoted to creating an America free from gun violence, where all Americans are safe at home, at school, at work, and in our communities.

Brady says: “California is a model of sensible gun laws,” leading American in gun control laws.

While these California farmers and ranchers are “safe at home,” so are the criminals destroying their businesses. Due to California’s extensive civilian disarmament laws, it’s very difficult for Californians to legally defend themselves.

Pretty soon, produce will cost more than copper. Eat that, Brady.