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BBC Devoting Too Much Time to Phone-Hacking Scandal Says... Top BBC Journalist

I’ve got a piece up on the front page focusing on the hypocrisy of many of those who are making the most noise about the UK phone-hacking scandal – namely the Guardian newspaper, the BBC and Labour Party MPs.

If  you think I’m making too much of the BBC’s obsession with the story, don’t take my word for it – here’s the BBC’s very own foreign editor, Jon Williams, complaining on Twitter that his employers are covering hacking to the detriment of other important stories around the world.

One of the neglected stories he mentions is the unfolding debt crisis threatening the Euro, and Brit blogger Mark Wallace, who picked up on William’s Twitter post, has done an unscientific but still telling survey, searching the BBC News website for references to ‘Libya’, ‘euro’ and ‘hacking’ over the past week. Libya got 23 mentions, euro 32 and hacking (drumroll) a whopping 246. I rest my case.

As I write on the front page, the BBC wants to damage Murdoch because he’s their biggest rival in the UK, and notwithstanding the fact that the BBC already dominates news output in Britain they’d very much like him out of the way so they can peddle their liberal-left bias unopposed. They’d also like to see the back of Prime Minister David Cameron, and eventually the Tory-led government.