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Obama's Bumblers Harm Military Voting Rights

Pajamas Media has  extensively covered how members of the military face an administration incapable of effectively protecting their right to vote when deployed away from home.  Friday, Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) holds a hearing to explore how the Pentagon allowed key portions of the law designed to protect military voters to go unenforced.  Today I have this piece at the Washington Examiner that notes:

Yet Defense Department political appointees waited until three weeks after the 2010 election to issue the order to establish the offices. Now six months before the start of presidential primaries, a quarter of military installations remain noncompliant with the legal obligation to have functioning voter registration offices.

Let’s hope Congressman Wilson can get some straight answers why the Pentagon is dropping the ball, never mind the Justice Department’s foul-ups:

When ballots didn’t mail 45 days before the 2010 election, the DOJ resembled the Keystone Kops. New York and Illinois, among others, ignored MOVE, while assuring DOJ they complied. Lawsuits were filed only after media reports awakened a slumbering DOJ. Tragically, in both states, the DOJ allowed absentee ballots to mail 25 days or less before the election. This meant some ballots arrived in-theater after the election was already over.

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