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Eric Holder sues Jindal administration over welfare agency voter registration

The Eric Holder Justice Department has finally sued Louisiana for not providing “sufficient” voter registration services in welfare agencies and cash assistance offices.  I posted here at PJM about a similar lawsuit (and abusive settlement agreement) against Rhode Island regarding crack treatment centers and cash handout agencies.  Keep in mind that this Justice Department will not enforce provisions of the same law which requires dead and ineligible voters to be purged from the voter rolls.  Ideological hostility to voter roll purges drives their militant lawlessness.

Rhode Island rolled over like beat dog to the DOJ lawsuit.  Will Louisiana?  This is another example where the Eric Holder Justice Department is working closely with racial special interest groups like the NAACP.  Sources tell me that, for a short time, some inside the Voting Section were nervous about proceeding because of the attention.  But lawyers pushing the case eventually prevailed.

Who are the lawyers involved?  Pajamas Media (after a lawsuit was filed) obtained their resumes and will have more to report shortly.  Not surprisingly, they are left wing activists blessed with the opportunity to pursue their private cause on your dime.

How did DOJ gather evidence in this case?  By trolling outside welfare agencies and grabbing people leaving.  Leading questions followed.   “Did you get offered the opportunity to register to vote?” is a common one.  Once a couple of “no” declarations are secured, lawsuits follow.  DOJ keeps no record of the number of YES responses.  DOJ isn’t interested in that answer.

We heard so much about resource concerns limiting litigation decisions at DOJ’s Voting Section.  Those claims are false.  The primary consideration affecting lawsuit decisions are which political faction benefits from DOJ action.  When it comes to New Black Panthers or the dead registered to vote, phony resource concerns dictate inaction.  But when you need more of your voters registered in advance of the 2012 election, full speed ahead.  Military voters?  Not so much.

There are ways to win these cases.  But will the Jindal administration (which showed little interest when the gathering storm of this lawsuit was first reported) do what it takes to force Eric Holder’s DOJ to prove its case at trial?  Or will Louisiana roll like Rhode Island?

Strangely, there is no mention of the lawsuit at the DOJ’s webpage (as of now).  Normally, the complaint is posted immediately.  A final note. Spokeswoman Lisa Faust says Louisiana hasn’t “even been served with the lawsuit” yet.  During the Bush administration, the DOJ extended the courtesy of providing a copy of the lawsuit prior to trumpeting it to the media.  This is especially true when negotiations have been ongoing, as they have in Louisiana.  Add this latest to the growing list of indecent acts by Holder’s politicized DOJ.

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