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Nice Deb has a headline worth stealing: Nobody Should Believe A Single Thing Obama Says About The Budget

Deb has a good way of summarizing things:

Granted, nobody should believe a single thing Obama says about anything – (including his denials that he knew anything about Fast and Furious), but in light of his press conference, today, ahead of his budget negotiations with John Boehner and the Republicans, I thought it would be important to count the ways Obama has been duplicitous and disingenuous about his actions re the economy, (which he really and truly seems hellbent on destroying.) As always with him – you have to look at what he does – not what he says. As the saying goes — if his lips are moving…..

RTWT. If Nice Deb isn’t one of your regular stops in the blogosphere she should be. There are few bloggers as good at excerpting and integrating together information from across the blogosphere as Deb.