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More illegal gun operations surface, and the MSM tries to stay quiet

The Obama Administration ran roughly 2,000 guns to Mexican cartels through “Fast and Furious” in Arizona. We’re now hearing that at least another 1,000 guns were run through an identical operation in Tampa, to the ultra-violent MS-13 gang in Honduras.

Americans must know: How many more Fast and Furious programs are there out there, and why is the Obama Administration responsible for thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands of more guns being shipped south of the border to criminal gangs waging civil wars?

Make no mistake: Our federal law enforcement agencies are responsible for what can only be described as the blatant support of narco-terrorism, and there is little doubt that this program originated and was authorized with the full knowledge of the highest levels of the executive branch, including cabinet-level officials and the White House itself.

This is worse than Watergate and Iran-Contra combined. Our administration is supplying terrorists with weapons as they seek to overthrow our neighbor and ally.

There is no pit in a prison deep enough for those involved.

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