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Boehner to Obama: 'Excuse us for trying to lead'

There are some telling gems in this story by Jake Tapper, on the debt ceiling negotiations. Speaker Boehner stands his ground when the president tries popping him on the Ryan plan:

Boehner said at one point that “it’s clear to all of us how big this spending problem is. Congress keeps voting for programs we can’t pay for. But look, entitlement cuts aren’t easy for us to vote for either. Our guys aren’t cheerleading about cutting entitlements.”

“Your guys already voted for them,” the president said, referring to the budget offered by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc.

“Excuse us for trying to lead,” Boehner said.

And VP Biden is his usual self:

During another exchange, Republicans were going through proposed tax increases as bad for jobs.

“C’mon, man!” Vice President Biden exclaimed, “let’s get real!”

The Vice President argued that their opposition isn’t economic, it’s ideological, that no real economist thinks they’re “job killers.”

Gird your loins, Joe. Tax hikes in a recession are job killers. Ask your boss about that when you’re done washing the Trans Am on the White House lawn.*

*Yes, I know that’s a fake story.

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