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LEFT EXPOSED: Bush "Destroyed New Orleans," Yet There's Hope for Finding Common Ground With Tea Party Activists


You can’t make this stuff up. Somebody over at FireDogLake must think the 2005 opening act in New Orleans was Katrina and the Waves … and W had the power to stop hurricanes. But what is even more interesting – after the requisite anti-Bush screed – is how the progressive left continues to turn against President Obama.

This writer is “not ready to crown Barack Obama the Worst President Ever just yet.” But The One has clearly not lived up to his billing: “not only has he failed to create jobs or restart the economy, he has paid only lip service to progressive policies and betrayed his base at almost every turn.”

And with that analysis, we’ve found serious common ground between the center-right Tea Party world and the progressive left.

Upset by Obama’s lip service: Check.

Upset by a feeling of betrayal: CheckCheckAnd check.

Upset Obama doesn’t know how to create jobs: Check. And scary-check.

Upset Obama doesn’t know how to restart the economy: Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check

At PJTV we’ve covered the Tea Party movement from the very beginning. Along the way we’ve noticed one thing about Tea Party groups from coast to coast: It doesn’t matter who you are or when you want to join the party, the Tea Party welcomes you.

To the folks at FireDogLake, we’re not only happy to have found some common ground, we hope you’ll join disgruntled Tea Party activists and support the candidate in 2012 who has real plans for restarting the country’s economic engine and has some idea how to spur private-sector job growth.

And that line about Bush destroying New Orleans? Hilarious. You’re such kidders.

(Apologies to Sonja Smith)

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