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Leaked footage proves David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman would have been the greatest show in the history of television

This video started popping up ’round the net over the past few days, and Warner Bros. has gone around killing it wherever it appears, so powerful is it as proof that they killed a brilliant show in the proverbial crib. Stupid corporate suits ruin everything.

The clip is…the best TV I’ve ever seen. You get a thug speculating on the likelihood that a super heroine will get through security (he muses that it’s unlikely), and then…she gets through security! Turns out, security consisted of a padlock on a door and everyone knows such brilliance has pretty much always foiled the likes of Batman, Spiderman, and of course Wonder Woman. Comic book heroes never come up with clever gadgets or super strength to defeat the common household Master lock.

Ah…what might have been. They really did the nation a disservice by cancelling Wonder Woman.

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