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Carney backs Plouffe: Hope trumps jobs in the 2012 election

Friends, this “feelings are more important than jobs” will be the Obama spin. Until the polls tell them no one is buying it. Then they’ll come up with something else.

White House press secretary Jay Carney, asked to reconcile Plouffe’s vision with Obama’s, blamed politics.

“I understand we’re engaged — or, rather, the Republicans are engaged in a primary campaign trying to get some media attention,” he said.

“Most people do not sit around the kitchen table and analyze GDP and unemployment numbers,” Carney said. “They talk about how they feel, their own economic situation … whether they’re making their house payments.”

“That’s the point David Plouffe was making,” he added.

The point Plouffe was making was an idiotic one; Carney’s agreeing with it just piles on the stupid. The unemployment rate stands at 9.2%, with real unemployment topping 16%. Obama’s administration is acting jobs like a serial killer on an interstate murder spree, killing or menacing jobs in Florida (the end of the shuttle program), in South Carolina (the Boeing case) and in Texas (space shuttle, the EPA’s attacks, the oil permitorium) just to name a few, while attacking the corporate jet industry for no reasonable purpose. President Reagan was the only US president re-elected with more than a 7.2% unemployment rate since FDR, but Reagan had an obvious economic vision that was already starting to turn around the misery of the Carter years when he was re-elected in a landslide. Add in Reagan’s patriotic foreign policy and you had a very different president from the current one. Obama was a nuke freeze sympathizer during the Cold War (nuke freeze types hated Reagan) and he’s gone out of his way to offend our allies and apologize for America rather than stand for her. Obama is not Reagan, and 2012 is not 1984. With the at least temporary end of America’s human space flight capability, it’s definitely not morning in America. We are a diminished country because of this president.

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