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Novelist says he'd be called crazy if he used 'Gunwalker' as a plot...

From Larry Corriea’s blog:

As a novelist, if I were to write a thriller in which a federal law enforcement agency knowingly allowed and even encouraged thousands of American guns to cross the border to arm Mexican drug cartels, in an effort to pad their stats to push for more gun control laws, even though innocent Mexican citizens and a US Border Patrol agent were killed in the process, and afterward there would be a huge cover up that went all the way to the President… I know some reviewers would say that my plot was silly, just some naive right-wing fantasy.

Yeah… You got me there. Surely no federal agency would be that stupid. Surely nobody in Washington would arm brutal drug cartels just to push their own politics.

Nope. That’s crazy talk.

Then he goes on with a few links. Here’s the thing, Larry was a gun dealer in another life. He knows exactly how the ATF works. This was not and never has been about crime. It’s always been about gun control.

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