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Brit Hume: Obama is in 'as full a political retreat as this town has seen in years'

Fox’s Brit Hume lays it out: From unemployment to pretty much everything else, President Obama is failing in the job and failing to connect.



Seen from Hume’s angle, Obama’s Twitter town hall amounted to a Potemkin village populated by straw men, for the purpose of shoring up the president’s sagging youth vote. It wasn’t a real town hall meeting with real back and forth.

Did it work? I doubt it. It’s the middle of the day in mid-July, when mostly political junkies pay attention while everyone else is doing something more fun. The event was boring, transparently one-sided, and the most entertaining thing about it was watching or thinking about all the questions that were getting filtered away from the president.

(h/t Ace)

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