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Vacation ball and chain

Roger Simon has this piece over at PJM  – Has Technology Murdered Vacations

The only answer to Roger’s dilemma is to leave the computers at home.  I should talk.  I escaped to Dewees Island, South Carolina two weeks ago.  Dewees has no paved roads, no bridges to the island, no cell service, no lawns, no cars, no nothing.  It is essentially a barrier island nature reserve with empty beaches and some homes dropped in the forest.

Yet after a morning of crabbing, I heard from Fox News.  They wanted me on at 2:45 to discuss DOJ’s absurd Fast and Furious debacle.  It took a ferry ride off the island and a crazed car ride to a studio to do the video hit on America Live.   So Roger, I see your Wi-Fi and raise you a five hour round trip ferry ride.