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Congratulations, Sarah!

darkshipPJMedia’s own Sarah A. Hoyt just announced she is the winner of the prestigious Prometheus Award for Best Libertarian Fiction for her excellent novel Darkship Thieves.
According to the Libertarian Futurist Society’s release:

Darkship Thieves features an exciting, coming-of-age saga in which a heroic woman fights for her freedom and identity against a tyrannical Earth. Hoyt’s novel, dedicated to Robert A. Heinlein, depicts a plausible anarchist society among the asteroids. Hoyt is a prolific writer of novels and short fiction, though this is her first time as Prometheus finalist.

I’ve read and reviewed this novel elsewhere and it’s a barn burner, leaving her fans (of which I am one) drooling while waiting for the sequel Darkship Renegades. Sarah has put her writing career at considerable risk by coming out as a Libertarian/Conservative here at PJMedia, so pop on over to or Baen books and buy some of her novels, you’ll be helping her out and picking some whacking good stories in the process.

Congratulations Sarah, it’s well deserved.

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