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WaPo risibly telegraphs coming Obama defense

By an editorial Sunday the Washington Post reaffirms that it has a hard time with those of us who object to EPA’s climatically meaningless — according to everyone — ‘global warming’ regulations targeting the U.S. energy supply which are transparency the administration’s ‘other way to skin the cat’ in its war on coal (you do remember this, right?).

And that’s because WaPo elites also hate abundance providing wealth and comfort to those horrid others. But what’s so absurd about today’s foray is its pointing to EPA says so for the argument that EPA’s Power Grab won’t cost much.
The Wall Street Journal (and Frederic Bastiat) took to task EPA’s job creation philosophy of destruction-is-good-because-you-hire-people-to-clean-it-u. Hint: Gee the economy stinks; if only a tsunami would roll in is its logical conclusion. But then WaPo turns to Center for American Progress as its second source.

Huh. PJ readers may recall how we already, and thoroughly, exposed how the Obama administration uses CAP to support — in scandalous fashion, jointly with rent-seeking businesses — and sometimes even provide, its work product. Sad.

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