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UN wants to halt Texas rapist/murderer execution, not Syrian genocide

In 1998, “Mexican national” Humberto Leal Garcia raped and murdered a 16-year-old girl. This is legally-established fact. The United Nations says Texas authorities didn’t give Garcia access to assistance by the Mexican consul, and therefore is in violation of international law.


For this reason, the UN High Commissioner Human Rights and apologist-in-chief Obama want Governor Perry to commute Garcia’s sentence to life in prison, which we’ll pay for.

Meanwhile, by April 26, 2011, Syrian government-sponsored “violence against civilians has left some 400 Syrians dead” during protests against Assad’s government. This was when stories began to run about Syria’s pending membership in the UN Human Rights Council (which was dropped).

UN chief Ban Ki-moon told Assad “that governments have an obligation to respect and protect the fundamental rights of citizens, and urged authorities to exercise maximum restraint.” (We’re warning you; now you better stop that!!!)

In May, Syria pledged to stop shooting protesters. On June 10, Syrian “security forces” killed “dozens” of protesters. On June 17, Syrian “security forces” killed “at least 16 people.”


The UN Security Council couldn’t even pass a resolution against Syria. (We’re warning you…just kidding.)

The majority of United Nations countries are corrupt, hindering civil rights, and political and economic freedom. The average country in the Human Rights Council isn’t free, either. (Based upon compilations from Freedom House, Transparency International, and Heritage Foundation.)

Instead, they go after low-hanging fruit, just like gun banners passing laws to harass the law-abiding, so they can feel good about doing something.

Hey UN: Come and take it!

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