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WI Justice Prosser grabs a reporter's mic

I can’t really top Allah’s “grabby” line on this so I won’t bother trying. Here’s the video, the “grab” occurs within the first half minute or so.

Now, as altercations with reporters go, this is mild stuff. Anthony Weiner called the police on a NYC reporter, and other pols have been caught on tape yelling at reporters or fleeing from them. I’ve watched the video a few times and it looks to me like Justice Prosser momentarily took the mic because the reporter seemed to be handing it to him, he wanted to talk, then quickly thought better of that and handed it back to the reporter and headed for the elevator. As I said, mild stuff in the annals of politician-reporter interactions. But Wisconsin is on a knife’s edge and everything everyone does is apt to get blown out of proportion. Prosser’s foes will surely use this incident to back up their “case” that he’s an out-of-control renegade prone to violence. The game now is to discredit him and maybe even drive him from office before his term is up. This incident may help them do that, so yeah, while it’s mild it’s a PR fail for Prosser.