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Tony Katz's All Patriots Media offers reduced cost ads to private jet industry

President Obama maligned private jets in his strange press conference Wednesday. Now Tony Katz steps up to help them out.

In an effort to support the now maligned private jet industry, and the people they employ, All Patriots Media is offering reduced cost advertising on its websites, and on The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular. Trade-out also possible.

In an email to me, Tony adds:

More and more radio hosts, and those who control their ad sales (bloggers, content creators, etc.) need to support business owners when they are attacked from on high government officials and insincere, out of touch elitists. The companies that make private jets might deal with a large dollar purchase, and large dollar clients, but they are no different than main street business.  The person who manufactures jets is just as much a business person as the one who makes cookies on main street.  Each one went into a business where they felt they could compete.  People (in the main) who make cookies wouldn’t know the first thing about making a jet.  Jet manufacturers don’t make cookies…it’s not their wheel house. I’m simply disgusted by the president’s continued attacks on capitalism and entrepreneurs.  I won’t sit idly by.  I want to help.

Perhaps we can add ATM manufacturers, since Obama went out of his to call their product job killers.

Tony Katz appears regularly on PJTV, where he hosts The Conversation.

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